How to Find Legal Microgaming Casinos – Law & Gambling

The most crucial and decisive factor for any consumer who plays with real money is to gamble via a company which respects legal rules. Thus, it shall have different licenses, certificates, verifications, a proven record in public documents, etc. Significantly, Microgaming cares about users and it ensures that all platforms respect a national law. Therefore, it conducts systematic checks and provides maximum efforts to remain within the legal framework. So, we will clarify how the compliance with acts and regulations is functioning and which factors are crucial to have minimum risks.

Gambling Laws in Countries


All nations have distinct prerequisite towards gambling. The situation seems clear in Europe where a majority of the countries (in despite of Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine) legalized land based and online casinos. Similarly, in Africa, more than 30 among 54 independent states permit this activity. It is prohibited in Middle East with an exception of Dubai. Generally, the US prohibits it, whereas some parts of this big country authorize online gambling, like Nevada, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. South America with Mexico and Canada are more than friendly in this matter. Nevertheless, the last has some complications and considers this area as being risky. Asian market is the most polarized as Singapore (accepts) and Japan (rejects) has controversial views. Moreover, China, India, South Korea are generally against all attempts in this direction having only few minor exceptions.

Postulates of Legal Microgaming Casino

Being the best software provider implies various requirements. Thus, this company always has to demonstrate high results in each area. Therefore, it has the widest range of amusements with a great quality, bonuses and a perfect consumer service. Importantly, it also shows and regularly proves the legal status for its products, casinos, tournaments. This is a decisive criterion for many acquired awards from different international organizations. Thus, the strongest arguments of this firm are licenses from diverse countries (mainly, the UK), eCorga certificate and privacy policy rules.

UK License

Microgaming was created in Estonia in the 1994. Nevertheless, it moved the registered office to the Isle of Man. Since then, the company has become familiar with specific legal rules of European common law. Nowadays, UK licenses supply most of the casinos of this firm. Strict gambling rules make the official certificate from the UK Gambling Authority a really powerful tool to show the fairness. Indeed, there are only few other countries which also have tough condition to acquire a license, such as Canada, Malta, Costa Rica, etc.

eCogra Certificate

Microgaming was among the funders of this independent auditor in the early 2000s. The UK based company, eCorga, tests many casinos around the world to verify whether RNG really applies and which RTP percentage is established for various types of amusements. Moreover, it determines the protection from fraudulent transactions, consumer privacy terms, fair gaming, responsible play mechanisms, etc. Such reports are presented in all platforms of this software supplier. Importantly, it is publicly available even to those who are not registered.

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Official Microgaming Content

Importantly, all amusements, tournaments, casinos and other products of Microgaming are subject to strict verifications. The company respects all its competitors and frequently checks that there is no illegal interference. Thus, all commodities always comply with intellectual property rights, corresponds to a graphic design in the accordance with agreements with different brands, use real RNG to display the outcome of each round in any amusement, etc.

Privacy Policy

Last but incredibly important characteristic is the compliance with strict privacy policy rules. Thus, each casino has special page which indicates which information is collected and how a company use it, rights and obligations of the parties, litigation rules, third party’s interactions, etc. Moreover, data minimization principle obliges to demand from player only necessary information which is inevitable for a proper function of the gambling account. Even more, a platform usually applies a tracking technology to collect specific details of user’s activity within the system to create personalized promotions and other benefits.